Baby Think It Over

Cory Finn Yet

In family studies class, we did the Baby think it over project. The Baby Think It Over infant simulator is a lifelike, life-size baby doll with realistic computerized responses; it has to be fed, burped, rocked and have it’s diaper changed. It contains a computer inside which records whether or not you have tended to the baby, how long it takes for you to tend to the baby and if you have treated the baby gently. I got the baby for 24 hours and had to carry it around school; stupid LG and LB grade 8’s kept asking me if it was a real baby…   uh yea  like I got knocked up and suddenly had a baby. I named my baby boy Cory Finn Yet LOL. This baby in particular is broken, its feeding function doesn’t work so you can’t do anything but let it cry for the full 3 minutes. I was fortunate enough that my baby didn’t cry while i was sleeping, but it cried a lot after lunch. After 24 hours with the baby, I’m happy I didn’t have it for any longer; I don’t think I could have handled tending to the baby while doing school work.  It’s safe to say I’m definitely not ready to have any children for a while, but I do want children in the future!


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