I went to the 2011 Eat!Vancouver held at the convention center with Es S and Maggie yesterday. Admission is $16, which is a bit pricey but that is why you get as much free samples as possible LOL.

Some samples I got:

I bought 20 tickets for $10 for food from Bite of Vancouver section. Here is what I got:

From Dona Cata I got carnita taco and chicken taco–

Carnita and chicken taco

Then I went to this Indian food stall ( forgot the name) and got pakoras with some chutney.

Pakoras with chutney

The pakora’s were really dry and overall not enjoyable.

After I went to another Indian stall and got butter chicken on rice–

Butter Chicken on rice

There was barely any chicken in this! I felt really ripped off.

Lastly, I used the remaining of my tickets to get a churro

Plain Churro

There had different flavours such as strawberry, chocolate, and custard filled but I got the plain one.

Here are some other food pictures:

Canucks cake

After sampling almost everything and eating all that food, I was stuffed. Fun day, can’t wait for next years.

To top off my post, here is a picture of Sandy eating curry fishballs and thinking random thoughts! LOL! Wonder where she got her inspiration from?


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