Schools almost over……

Two more days until schools over! Woot. I’m at my cousins house right now for a Stanley cups BBQ, updating with my iPad. Today I basically skipped the whole day of school and went to Marulilu cafe with Stacy and Ms. Gates. I ordered a London Fog latte ( sorry forgot to take a picture) and a Ni-Katsu sandwich with a side salad accompanied by balsamic vinagret. The sandwich is essentially a Katsu don, but instead of rice the pork cutlet is sandwiched between 2 pieces of ciabatta bread with carmalized onions and an egg.



( LOL suprised the pictures turned out alright considering I used my crappy phone camera)

Then we went to Winners and I bought a restaurant journal



( sorry for crappy quality, used my Ipads camera)

Now I can use it to write restaurant reviews đŸ™‚

Anyhow, I hope this post turns out alright because I’m not really use to this iPad.


3 thoughts on “Schools almost over……

  1. omg! i need one of those too!! haha can we go back to that one =) haha i’m trying to figure out which winners/homesense is the best for my shopping needs lol

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