1 more day of high school!!

1 more day until school ends and no more high school forever 😀 Like yesterday, I skipped most of my classes LOL and I’ll probably do the same tomorrow. You are probably thinking I skip a lot, but I’ve actually never skipped any classes except for grad skip day and this week.

Anyways, I was sent a invitation from Aritzia for their private sale. I knew I had to use my invitation because it included a free gift hahaha. I didn’t buy much, only 2 items because I am going to Portland soon and I’m saving up for no tax shopping 🙂

These are the items I bought:

I bought a pair of navy Toms and a Talula Betsey blouse. The free gift ( above right) was an Aritzia towel LOL. I’ve been wanting a pair of Toms for some time now, and since I got a discount on them, I decided to get a pair.

The towel’s original price is $65! WTF I would not pay that much for an Aritzia towel, good thing it was a gift.

It’s just a towel that has ” Aritzia” and butterflies on it. It is pretty big and thick though.

When I arrived home today, I realized I had forgotten my keys in my other bag. My stupid phone ( which has been acting stupid lately) died on me so I decided to walk to East Village Bakery.

Chocolate Banana Cake with marzipan

I’ve always wanted to check out this cute little bakery, but everytime I go, it is closed. I got a Callebaut Chocolate Banana Bundt Cake made with marzipan. I couldn’t taste any banana in it, but it was nice and crispy on the outside and moist in the inside. At first, I couldn’t distinguish this familiar taste from the cake, but  I soon figured out it was the almond flavour from the marzipan. I am not a fan of almond flavoured foods, but this cake was alright, although a bit too decadent for me. I want to try more treats from East Village Bakery! I shall go back soon, good thing it is in walking distance from my house.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, hopefully something fun. Good thing i only have one exam to write, so I can take it easy until then!


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