Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew

3475 Main Street Vancouver, BC

Today Maggie and I went to Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew . We’ve been wanting to go for some time, and today we found the perfect opportunity. I forgot my memory card at home, so I had to use my crappy phone camera 😦Slickity Jim’s decor is very Victorian and old school diner like.


The restaurant at first glance appears to be very small, but there is actually more seating in the back. It also has an open kitchen, I could see the good looking chef in action 😉

On to the food. I ordered the The Morning Yearning ( $9.75)- Two free run eggs any style with bacon, chorizo, grilled tomato, and veggie chilli, served with multigrain, rye or sourdough toast. I got it with mulitgrain toast and my eggs over medium.

The Morning Yearning

Veggie chilli

Pretty standard breakfast, no complaints here.

Maggie went with A Woman in a Flowing Dress Kissing Her Lover Omelette( $9.75)- Prosciutto, spinach and asiago cheese.Maggie went with rye toast.  LOL I love the name of this.

A Woman in a Flowing Dress Kissing Her Lover

She said this was very good. We liked how the toast looked haha.

Overall, food was pretty good. We would definitely come back and try other stuff.


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