Dream Sushi

4401 Main Street Vancouver, BC

Today I went to Dream Sushi  for lunch  with Maggie and Es S

We all decided to get the Lunch Special ( choose any 2 items + miso soup) for $6.50 and 2 chefs recommendation rolls. They also serve brown rice sushi, but I forgot about it until after our food came.

First off the Miso soup:

Miso soup

We found the miso soup to be different from other places; it had a slight sweetness to it and wasn’t as salty. We all enjoyed it and Es S said she would come back just for the miso soup.

For my lunch special, I ordered Curry Chicken on rice and Chicken Terriyaki Roll

Chicken Curry on rice

Chicken Terriyaki Roll

The curry has potatoes, peas, and corn along with the chicken. I thought it was ok, I didn’t like how the potatoes were mushy though. The Chicken Terriyaki roll was also ok, could have used a bit more terriyaki sauce.

Next off, Maggie also got the Chicken Curry on rice and Pork Gyoza

Pork Gyoza

The skin was nice and crisp, but the filling lack flavour.

Es S got Chicken Terriyaki on Rice and pork Gyoza

Chicken Teriyaki on rice

She said the chicken was dry.

The two chef recommendation rolls we got are  Princess roll ( assorted sashimi roll top w/ wakame) and Black Pearl Roll ( spicy scallop roll top w/ imitation crab & black tobiko)

Princess Roll

Black Pearl Roll

Es S thought the rolls were mediocre. We liked the Princess Roll more because it had the wakame, but we also thought it masked the flavours of the sashimi.

Overall, service was attentive but the food was alright.


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