Insnax Pita crips vs President’s Choice Pita crisp

Today I’ll be doing a comparison between insnax Multigrain & Garden Herb Pita crisp and President’s Choice Multigrain Pita Crips

President's Choice and insnax Pita crips

After sampling some of the insnax pita crisp at Eat! Vancouver, I thought it was pretty tasty and decided to buy a bag at Superstore. When I got to the snack aisle, I also saw that President’s Choice had a similar product, so I decided to do a comparison.

insanx comes in two varieties: multigrain and regular. The multigrain comes in garden and herb flavour and the regular comes in sea salt flavour. These are $3.49 at Superstore

President’s Choice also comes in two varieties : multigrain and regular. The multigrain comes in regular and cinnamon and sugar flavour. The regular pita chips comes in salted flavour I believe ( sorry forgot the flavours for the regular). These are $2.99 at Superstore

I bought insnax multigrain garden & herb flavour and President’s Choice multigrain regular flavour.

Both these snacks are baked and are a good alternative for chips. insnax claims these are 65% less fat than the leading chip brand.


close up of insnax


closeup of PC

Both of these pita crisp are very crunchy but they are quite oily. I prefer the insnax pita crisp more because it has more flavour, but that’s probably because the PC one is regular flavoured. Overall, these are good alternatives to chips and they are good for dipping, especially hummous!


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