Zipang Sushi

3710 Main Street Vancouver BC

Today I went to Zipang Sushi for lunch before my hair appointment since it was in that area.

I arrived just after it opened for lunch and there was 1 table before me.

They have retro chairs along with booth seating in the restaurant. They had a poster of retro chairs in the front LOL, my dad would like that. The baby on the left was so adorable! She kept looking at me and clapping her hands 🙂

Anyways, I ordered Takoyaki ( $5.75) and Karaage roll ($4.95) (Japanese Fried Chicken, w/ Mayo)


karaage roll

The takoyaki comes with mayo, scallions, and bonito flakes on the side ( sorry forgot to take a picture of the other side)

It was good. Satisfied my craving for takoyaki hehe

I got the Karaage roll with brown rice, which cost 50 cents more

karaage roll

The karaage roll has chicken karaage and lettuce. I believe they forgot to add mayo because it states on the menu it has mayo LOL.

It was good, but I found the chicken karaage to be lacking some seasoning. The chicken karaage had a nice crunch and was freshly made.

Overall, I like Zipang Sushi. They are one of the few restaurants that serve good takoyaki. And an added bonus is that it is run by actual Japanese people. I would definitely come back again!


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