Metrotown + Qoola + dinner

Today I went to Metrotown with Es S. I didn’t buy anything except for a bandeau and  frozen yogurt at Qoola. So difficult resisting the temptation to shop. sigh LOL

Anyways, here is my Qoola:

For my toppings, I got mochi ( my fav), strawberries, Reese pieces, Oreo’s, ground flax seed and this liquid filled ball thing ( I’m not really sure what it is but it bursts open when you bite into it)

Here is Es S’ Qoola:

For dinner today I made pasta with onion and red bell pepper tomatoe sauce, baked chicken thigh in black bean sauce, roasted potatoes and mixed green salad.

My mother brought this odwalla drink back from her work

It was pretty good.

Hopefully I have work tomorrow, I need some $$ in my wallet LOL. If only Ms. Gates was more generous ( sarcasm)


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