Tang Thai Restaurant

I had a LivingSocial coupon for Tangthai and it was expiring soon, so I had to use if before it expired.

The interior is very nice with an Asian theme

We started off with Peek Kai Yud Sai(Chicken wings stuffed with silver noodle, carrots, minced pork, fresh cilantro, and shitake mushrooms)

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Food Cart Adventure #5: Ursu Korean BBQ Taco

Welcome to the fifth installment of food cart adventure. Today’s food cart is Ursu Korean BBQ Taco.

Located at Richards and Georgia, the owners are really nice!  The owner lady even posed for pictures 😀

They offer tacos, bulgogi dog and quesadilla’s.

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Pinkberry grand opening + Bonnie Dune <3

Yesterday I went to Pinkberry’s grand opening at Park Royal because they were offering FREE frozen yogurt and my love’s band ( Cory Monteith) Bonnie Dune was performing! Free yogurt AND Bonnie Dune? I knew I must go! 😀

Before we went to Park Royal, we ate lunch at Tacofino. You can read my post about Tacofino here

I ordered a fish taco again:

Es S, M and I also shared this guava drink

We walked around Park Royal before the grand opening and I bought a Nougat Bar from Park Royal Artisan Bakery

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The Eatery

3431 West Broadway Vancouver, BC

I went the Eatery on Friday with M, Ms. Gates, and Ms. Gates cousin. We arrived around 8pm-ish and all tables were occupied. The waitress told us it would be about a 10 minute wait, but we only waited about 5 minutes LOL.

I shall warn you guys now that the pictures from here on are not the greatest… it was extremely dark inside and mixed with red lights and red walls, everything seems to have a red hue to it

The decor is very funky, definitely not your traditional Japanese restaurant. We noticed that the clientele is composed mostly of Caucasians. I guess that is normal considering the area.

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Dumplings + Dinner

Today my shift got canceled 😦  Since I was already in downtown, I decided to go to my dads shop and help him clean his show room.

Today for dinner, I was originally going to cook chicken, but it wasn’t defrosted yet so I decided to make dumplings instead.

The pack on the left is from Yummy Foods and the pack on the right is from T&T. The dumplings from Yummy Foods are far superior to the store bought ones from T&T, which also gives you bad breathe.

First I boiled them to speed up the cooking process:

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Finally a sunny day in Vancouver

After about a week of rainy, cloudy weather, it was sunny today! Vancouver weather is strange, doesn’t feel like summer at all.

Anyways, today I went to Michaels on Broadway and bought this

Mulberry paper flowers, which I’ll be using for future projects

After Michaels I went to Marulilu cafe and ate a Ni- Katsu sandwich with side salad and low fat sesame vinaigrette

I’ve ordered this before and you can read about it here.

For dinner I made whole wheat spaghetti with mushroom and onion tomatoe sauce, crab cakes, baked chicken drumstick accompanied by wild greens.

The crab cakes surprisingly turned out ok, considering that fact I had no idea what I was doing LOL

Red House Restaurant

105 – 8171 Alexandra Road
Richmond, BC

My dad went to Red House Restaurant to take a look at their chairs since they asked him to re-upholster them. Since it was dinner time, we decided to eat here as well.

I do not go to Richmond often, so a restaurant post in Richmond is a rarity for me LOL.

It wasn’t very busy that evening, so service was attentive and quick.

Both Es S and my meal came with drinks, so I got iced horlicks and Es S got iced Ovaltine

The iced Ovaltine was way too sweet for my liking, but the horlicks was ok.

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Food Cart Adventure #4: Cartel Taco

Welcome to the fourth installment of food cart adventures! Today’s food cart is Cartel Taco

They are located on Dunsmuir & Hamilton, which is their permanent spot.

Cartel Taco serves up Korean inspired Tacos and carries two kinds : Pork Bulgolgi and Beef Bulgogi

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