Well Tea (downtown location)

551 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC

S and I went to Well Tea after we got our report cards and yearbooks. We went to Well Tea before we watched Mr. Popper’s Penguins at Tinsletown.

Well Tea has a nice modern interior.

I ordered chicken nuggets with curry sauce with rice ( $8.50). It came with 3 side dishes

The dish is basically Taiwanese chicken nuggets with Japanese curry and potatoes.

The side dishes were some sort of marinated beansprouts, corn, peas and carrots and this spicy daikon.

It was pretty good. I like how the chicken nuggets here are not too salty. The curry complimented the chicken well and overall I enjoyed this dish.

S got Beef Sukiyaki which was served with rice and a dipping sauce.

Since S got her wisdom teeth removed recently, she wanted to eat something soft and this is what she ordered. She said she liked it; it was very arrow-matique ( LOL). She thought there would be more beef though, but the veggies and tofu were very flavourful.

We didn’t get any drinks since we were pretty full. Overall, this place is convenient if you are craving affordable Taiwanese food in Downtown.


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