Food Cart Adventure #3: Tacofino

Welcome to the third installment of food cart adventures! Today’s post will be on Tacofino.

They usually change locations, they are either located on Howe & Robson  or on Denman & Davie.

M and I got a Fish Taco to share and she also got a Chocolate Diablo cookie.

The fish taco ( tempura cod with chipotle mayo, shredded cabbage and salsa fresca) was very tasty. The cod was nice and crispy and the batter wasn’t too heavy. The chipotle mayo complimented well with the cod and the cabbage and salsa added a nice crunch.  The only complaint I have is that is is very messy eating this taco, but I guess that is inevitable with most tacos LOL.

The chocolate diablo cookie had a desirable chewy texture and an apparent ginger taste to it. I only tried a bite, so I can’t say much about it.

Overall, Tacofino is pretty good. I can’t say much because I only tried one item, but I’ll definitely come back and try more. The ingredients were really fresh and the wait time wasn’t too long.


One thought on “Food Cart Adventure #3: Tacofino

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