Acme Cafe

51 Hastings Street West Vancouver, BC

After work on Saturday I was really hungry. Since M and Es s were in downtown I met up with them and we decided to eat at Acme Cafe


The chefs special that day was meatballs with mash potatoes and greens for $12.95 so I decided to get that


The gravy that came with the meatballs was very good. The meatballs themselves were not overcooked and tender. The mashed potatoes were good, not too creamy which I actually prefer.

M got the meatloaf with gravy, tri-colour potatoes and greens


The meatloaf also had a delicious BBQ sauce on it that was quite tangy.

Es s got the Wild boar sausage & turkey cassoule ( fresh Fraser Valley turkey breast, wild boar sausage braised in a tomato-demiglace sauce, white navy beans and greens


We all really liked their homemade salad dressing they used in their salads. We saw them making it while we were eating and saw a glimpse of malt vinegar and oil.

The portions of our food were huge! We could barely finish all our food. Our meal was quite enjoyable and we will definitely be coming back!


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