DIY rings

So I went to Urban Source on Main Street and found these DIY rings

I also purchased a flower charm to use for a ring.

It is very simple to make a ring, all you need is glue, a charm, and the DIY ring:

I am using E-6000 glue which I purchased from Michaels.

All you have to do is apply glue on the flat circular part of the ring and stick the charm on and wait for it to dry, about 10 mintues or so.

And then you are done! So simple eh?

I also had this heart charm with a rose inside, so I used that to make a ring too. I also purchased these buttons from Michaels. I simply cut the loop off the back to create a flat surface and applied glue to it.

Here are the finish products:

It was quite fun making these rings. Hopefully I will have time to do more DIY things 🙂

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3 thoughts on “DIY rings

  1. you had an error, it’s dry not try lol

    and also, you can paint the blue flower w/clear polish to make it look shiny =)

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