Au Petit Cafe

4851 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C

Es S and I were originally planning on try Bon Cafe on Main and 33rd, but I wanted to try Au Petit Cafe since I have heard good reviews on it.

When we arrived, all tables were occupied. We had one couple before us, but we were lucky that we got a table after only a short period of waiting.

Au Petit is quite small and seating is limited. Our table was very close to the table next to ours, so if you are uncomfortable or a bit claustrophobic, it is best if you get take out.

Of course, we had to try one of their Banh Mi’s, so Es S and I got #2 French Bread Sub with home made ham, liver pate, vegetables and hot peppers

This was so good! The bread was crunchy on the outside but still chewy on the inside. There was ample amount of meat and liver pate and everything tasted so good together.

Es S ordered #27 Raw sliced beef, cooked sliced beef and beef balls and rice noodle soup

Es S said this was good. I tried some of the broth and thought it was alright, not MSG laden like some places.

I ordered #17 BBQ Lemon grass boneless chicken, vegetables served on rice noodle and fish sauce

It was garnished with some pickled carrots and peanuts, which added a nice crunch to the dish. The chicken was very tender and flavourful. I like the addition of basil in this dish, it added a nice flavour and freshness to the dish. Overall, it was very tasty.

We liked Au Petit cafe; now I see all the hype and reasons for long line ups. I’ve read that after they are sold out of their bread, you cannot purchases any banh mi’s for the day. So you’re best bet is to go earlier, or call ahead of time to get take out.


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