Red House Restaurant

105 – 8171 Alexandra Road
Richmond, BC

My dad went to Red House Restaurant to take a look at their chairs since they asked him to re-upholster them. Since it was dinner time, we decided to eat here as well.

I do not go to Richmond often, so a restaurant post in Richmond is a rarity for me LOL.

It wasn’t very busy that evening, so service was attentive and quick.

Both Es S and my meal came with drinks, so I got iced horlicks and Es S got iced Ovaltine

The iced Ovaltine was way too sweet for my liking, but the horlicks was ok.

First to arrive was Es S’ Smoked salmon and chicken fettuccine

Es S was surprised when she saw that it was served with a cream sauce. The pasta was al dente but the cream sauce did get too rich for Es S. I forgot to ask Es S how the rest of her dish was, maybe she can tell us? 😉

Next up, my dad’s order came. He ordered  Grilled Salmon steak with cream sauce and spaghetti.

I didn’t try this so I can’t say how it was. But my father seemed to enjoy it.

Originally I wanted to order the African Chicken, but chicken steak wasn’t avaiable that evening. So I got 1/2 chicken sizzling plate with african chicken sauce. The chicken sizzling plate is usually served with thai sauce.

My dish came with soup and a drink.  There were 2 options, but I chose the Russian Borscht

It was a tad too salty and acidic for my liking, but I devoured it anyways LOL

( please excuse my horrible lighting, I was in a hurry to snap this picture and forgot to change it)

It is served on top of a bed of raw onions and corn resting on a sizzling plate.

I got it with spaghetti

The chicken was very flavorful and surprisingly juicy.  I gave half to my dad and he enjoyed it. He said it was very flavourful and well marinated.

I’ve been to Red House many times since my dad always re-upholsters their chairs. They’ve changed names and owners, but I’ve found the food has improved since the last time I visited. Es S recalled last time we were here, the food was extremely salty and unmemorable, but that wasn’t the case this time around.


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