Dumplings + Dinner

Today my shift got canceled 😦  Since I was already in downtown, I decided to go to my dads shop and help him clean his show room.

Today for dinner, I was originally going to cook chicken, but it wasn’t defrosted yet so I decided to make dumplings instead.

The pack on the left is from Yummy Foods and the pack on the right is from T&T. The dumplings from Yummy Foods are far superior to the store bought ones from T&T, which also gives you bad breathe.

First I boiled them to speed up the cooking process:

I boiled them until they floated to the top

After, I strained them and pan fried it on medium- high heat

I pan fried them until the bottom was golden

I also roasted some potatoes with olive oil and spices

Here is my dinner for tonight

dumplings, roasted potatoes and wild greens

I also bought that white plate today LOL because I don’t like the ones I have at home, they all have weird designs on them.

I’m excited for tomorrow because we are picking up our new car 😀 I can’t wait to drive it


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