The Eatery

3431 West Broadway Vancouver, BC

I went the Eatery on Friday with M, Ms. Gates, and Ms. Gates cousin. We arrived around 8pm-ish and all tables were occupied. The waitress told us it would be about a 10 minute wait, but we only waited about 5 minutes LOL.

I shall warn you guys now that the pictures from here on are not the greatest… it was extremely dark inside and mixed with red lights and red walls, everything seems to have a red hue to it

The decor is very funky, definitely not your traditional Japanese restaurant. We noticed that the clientele is composed mostly of Caucasians. I guess that is normal considering the area.

Anyways,we started off with Salt and pepper chicken wings

These were quite dry and on the salty side. Maybe the sauced wings would have been a better pick.

Next off is the Assorted Tempura

I didn’t try this so I’m not sure how it was.

After the Chicken Okonomiyaki arrived

Served with their home made sauce ( Some sort of seaweed sauce) and mayo, this okonomiyaki appears to be lacking some ingredients. When it first arrived on the table, it seemed very bare. Then we realized it was missing some components; bonito flakes and nori flakes. We thought the okomiyaki didn’t have enough cabbage in it and we would have liked it they added the sauce on top instead of putting it on the side.

In my opinion, this is not worth the price.

Next our sushi came

( from left to right): Chopped Scallop roll, Tataki attack, The Japanese Fortress, and Crazy Spice

Tataki attack & Chopped Scallop

Tataki attack ( crab, scallop, avacado and mayo wrapped with seared albaccore tuna) was mediocre. The tuna wasn’t seared, making it not a tataki. It just tasted like a california roll with tuna on top.

The chopped scallop was alright, nothing special about it.

Crazy Spice

Crazy spice ( spicy tuna w/ cucumbers topped with spicy salmon & tobiko) was not spicy at all! I don’t think the tuna inside had any spicy sauce either, which defeats the purpose of this roll.

The picture I took of The Japanese Fortress ( spicy tuna, cucumber and yam fries) was blurry so I deleted it, but this was my favourite roll of the night. You can sort of see it in one of the pictures above.  It was drizzled with some flavoured mayo and it tasted really good. I especially enjoyed the yam fries.

Ms. Gates and her cousin wanted dessert, so they ordered 2 desserts.

Malaysian Retreat (deep fried banana over vanilla ice cream topped with whip cream and chocolate sauce). This was really good, but of course also really bad for you LOL.  They deep fry the banana in a tempura batter, which made it really light and crispy.

Mars Attack (deep fried Mars bars with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped off with whipped cream). This was also good; we found the deep frying of the Mars bars made it less sweet. It went well with the vanilla ice cream.

Overall The Eatery was sub par. Some might not enjoy the ambiance because of the excessive volume of music and dim lighting, but it’s definitely catered towards the younger crowd.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the things we ordered, but I might return to try other things.  It is quite far from my house though and probably not worth the trip.


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