Portland Day 1 Part 1: Food

Hello everyone! I am back from my short trip to Portland. I only went for 2 days, so I didn’t do that much in that short period of time.

I will split my Portland trip into 2 days and 2 parts : food and purchases. This post will focus on the food I ate during the first day of this trip.

So we stopped in Seattle first because I really wanted to try Sweet Iron Waffles.

We got 4 original waffle and a prosciutto, creme fraiche, and green onion waffle ( which is a seasonal waffle)

Both waffles were delicious and well worth the trip! All waffles are made upon ordering and the original waffle tasted exceptional. The prosciutto, creme fraiche, and green onion waffle had a good balance of sweet and saltiness. The sweet liege waffle balanced the saltiness from the prosciutto very well.

Next we went to Chinatown to eat some dim sum

We went to Honey Court Seafood Restaurant. On the outside and inside, it looks really sketchy and dated, but there were actually a lot of people dining!

Here is a picture of some of the food we ate. I took more pictures, but Es S said she would make a post comparing the dim sum here and in Vancouver on her blog, so I will link you guys when she eventually does LOL.

The dim sum here is a lot cheaper than it is in Vancouver. We also noticed that the dim sum was not that salty, which is a good because most dim sum is filled with msg.

For dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory located in Washington square

This place is busy! We had to wait about 40 minutes before we got seated. We went back the next day and the wait time was 70-90 minutes!

The interior reminded me of Las Vegas

A case full of their infamous cheesecakes. We tried the wild blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake and the original one, and thought it was good albeit too decadent for our liking. I forgot to take photos of those ( sorry!)

For our dinner, this is what we got

Both my parents got Steak Diane and Salmon.

R-KO got a Cheeseburger with a side salad.

I ordered one of the specials Chicken di pana

Es S ordered 4 seasons pizza

Everything was good. My chicken was cooked perfectly as was my mother and father’s steak diane’s. We found the food here to be the least saltiest of all the food we ate on this trip.


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