Portland day 2 part 2 : food

On day 2 of my Portland trip, we went to Washington Square to do some shopping. For lunch we just ate at the food court, which was not exciting at all.

Before we left, we grabbed some frozen yogurt from Yopop

Yopop is similar to Qoola, where you choose your frozen yogurt and toppings and you pay for how much it weighs.

Here is my frozen yogurt, I got it with peanut and original flavour and topped it with waffle, strawberries, mochi, oreos, and reese.

Es S’ frozen yogurt

My dad’s frozen yogurt.

After we went downtown to do some more shopping. We stopped at a food cart pod located on 5th street

If you watch Eat Street, this is where The Brunch Box is located.

I will do another post on the food carts we visited so this post doesn’t get too long.

We arrived a bit late because most places were about to close. We still managed to get a quick bite though.

My chicken bibimbap burrito. It has chicken, egg, rice and vegetables you find in bibimbap.

Es S’ spicy chicken burrito. It has chicken, rice, lettuce, and corn I believe with Korean spicy sauce.

Here is my dad’s ‘Dude’ hot dog which is a hot dog topped with carmalized onions, mushrooms, bacon and cheddar cheese. Heart attack right here LOL.

We cooled off with a horchata. It was light and refreshing, a bit too sweet though. Good for a hot summer day like that day.

RKO wanted to try something from The Brunch Box, but he was too late and it was closing.

For dinner, we went to Red Lobster. Crab fest was going on at this time.

All of our meals came with salad and cheese biscuits.

I got crab legs and sirloin steak. The potatoes were beyond salty for my liking. I traded my crab legs for my mother’s lobster tail because I wasn’t in the mood for crab.

Es S got one of the promotional items. It has crab legs, scallops, shrimp and corn.

My dad got crab legs and shrimp. It was served with brocolli and rice pilaf.

My mother and RKO both got lobster tail and shrimp. It was also served with broccoli and rice pilaf.

The food here was really salty. We drank copious amounts of water afterwards and I felt my blood pressure rising already with the amount of sodium LOL. Other than that, it was sub- par, service was attentive and friendly though.

Hope you enjoyed this long post. Day 2 Part 2: purchases will be coming shortly.


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