Sockeye City grill + Timothy’s frozen yogurt

108-3800 Bayview Street
Steveston, BC V7E 6K7

When I was in Steveston, I went to Sockeye City grill for lunch. One of my main motives for visiting Steveston was to try this place.

I saw large amount of people ordering fish and chips, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat a meal consisting solely of deep fried foods.

I got a non-alcoholic lime margarita… because I’m not 19 yet LOL

My dad got a raspberry Granville island beer. I took a sip of it and it was actually not that bad; tasted better than it smelled.

We started off with a side of 2 deep fried oysters. These were lightly battered and deep fried and they were delicious. The accompanying tartar sauce was also really good.

My dad ordered a dish off the brunch menu: Smoke salmon benny-smoked sockeye salmon, toasted croissant,two poached free range eggs and house made hollandaise served with fresh fruit and hash browns. The smoked salmon was a tad too salty but the rest of the dish was cooked nicely.

I ordered the warm seafood saladmussels, clams, scallops, calamari, shrimp,onions and tomatoes in a lemon garlic olive oil served on a bed of mixed greens. This had a lot of seafood, especially shrimp and calamari and a sufficient amount of mussels and clams. I enjoyed this dish but the greens on the bottom got wilted and became really oily from the warm seafood and lemon garlic olive oil.

After lunch, we made our way to Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt. I’ve read good reviews on this place and have been dieing to try it!

I ordered a strawberry blended frozen yogurt on a waffle cone. The waffle cones are made fresh and evident as it was still warm when served.

I had a great day at Steveston. My dad tried to teach me the driving directions to Steveston, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get lost with my lack of directional skills LOL.


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