Rant: My watch is not a man’s watch

My watch.. it has caused quite the commotion. I’ve never wore watches before, but I fell in love with this Michael Kors watch which my parents got for me in Vegas.

This watch is the Women’s Chronograph Gold Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet.

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about this watch- “Look at the size of that watch”, “That’s a big watch you got there”, “Gold is not in, you should have gotten a silver watch instead”, etc.

There was this one time I was waiting for the bus and this rude man with no manners and poor hygiene said ” You’re wearing a man’s watch. It’s ok though because it does the same job- tell time”. I politely said it was a woman’s watch or why else would I have gotten it? He argued back and said the same thing. What’s the point of telling me then? Do I care? No! Anyways, the point is, regardless if it is a male’s or female’s watch, does it matter? A watch is a watch, and in most cases it is used for telling time.


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