The Fair at the PNE: Part 1

Summer’s not complete without making a trip to the PNE. It’s a summer tradition for me and living within a short distance makes it that much easier to go. Since this year they raised the admission price to $20, I took advantage of their late night special, which is $5 for admission after 9pm.

I went 2 days in a row with Es S… haha you’ll find out the reason later on this post.

First off we went to the marketplace, here are some pictures:

oxygen bar… LOL

There was a table selling these freaky looking clown statues or figures

Some nice looking arpons

After, we made our way to the food……We passed by the Sonic booth and they had people dancing on stage… can you spot the BIG FOIG? πŸ˜€

We also passed by the prize home. I didn’t go in because I didn’t feel like lining up.

First off we got some wiggle chips. My yearly tradition is to get wiggle chips even though there’s nothing special about it. This year, they had a blown up sign and also sold chips on a stick.

I got a plate of Wiggle chips. We sprinkled some seasoning on it and came to a consensus that it was over deep fried.

Es S wanted to get a drink, so she got a Lychee & Basil Lemonade from roaming dragon. This was good, the lemonade itself wasn’t that sweet but the bits of lychee added enough sweetness.

One of Es S friends was working at Baskin Robins and gave us a complimentary scoop of ice cream. I forgot the name of this particular flavour, but it had caramel and praline covered walnuts. This was delicious.

This year at the PNE, they had a BBQ competition, so we decided to check out the BBQ stalls

We decided to try Prairie BBQ, one of the Canadian places.Most of the places have their numerous amounts of trophies displayed, so it was quite difficult deciding which place to try.

BBQ goodnessWe wanted to try a bit of everything, so we decided with the Prairie Platter. Unfortunately they were out of brisket, so they gave us more pulled pork.

We went for the coleslaw as our side. The ribs and pulled pork were tender, but I thought it could have used more sauce. The coleslaw was nothing special, just a vinegar based coleslaw.

Since we were too full to try other places, we made plans to visit another stall the next day, hence why we went two days in a row

I love going to the PNE, even though the prices of the food are pricier than normal.

Part 2 of the PNE coming soon πŸ˜€




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