The Fair at the PNE: Part 2

Es S and I went to PNE the following day to try some more ribs.. yup we’re crazy LOL. This time we also visited the animal farm, here are some pictures:

Cute baby chicks


Mama pig and 2 of her piglets. The pig was massive in size!

Bunny chillin’ by itself

After the animal farm, we made our way to the BBQ stalls šŸ˜€

This time we decided to try Smokes & Bones. This is probably the most popular stall as they had a long, continuous line up.

Ribs…. mmmm

We went for the Robson Bite. We choose brisket as our other meat.

What I like about this place is that they have an array of sauces for you to use.

Here is out food : ribs and brisket. We added a bit of every sauce onto our meats and it added a nice flavour. The ribs and the brisket were both very tender and very delicous. We liked the ribs here better as opposed to Prairie BBQ. It had a nicer flavour and the meat was more tender. I also liked how they had different bbq sauces out for people to put on their meats.

Next, we made our way to the Wales Tales stand

We got a cinnamon and sugar wales tales. This had too much sugar and not enough cinnamon, but it was still good :p

Since I was not satisfied with the wiggle chips from yesterday, I bought another plate of them

They were a bit better than yesterdays, but they are still over fried. I remember these use to be a bit softer ( which I like).

So that is it for the PNE. I usually just go to the PNE for food, there is so much to try! I will be back next year for sure.


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