Bubble Queen

8700 McKim Way
Richmond, BC V6X

Bubble Queen has been on my “to try” list for a very long time but both times I’ve attempted to go, it was closed. This time around, I went with Es S and LC lover. I was fortunate enough to find a parking space not located in the parking lot ( which has REALLY small stalls).

I ordered a chocolate matcha. I asked for white chocolate, but I think they just gave me milk chocolate. I couldn’t really taste the matcha, but it was still good. I got this non-sweetened and still found it to be sweeter than I prefer.

Es S ordered Almond Roca Slush with pearls and mochi. This was good, but the mochi was really mushy. I wouldn’t recommend adding mochi and pearls into your drink because it gets extremely filling.

LC lover ordered Hershey Slush with pearls. This is made with Hershey’s cookies and cream chocolate. I was going to get this but decided to pass on it.

Es S and LC lover both ordered match and mochi bubble waffle. The matcha flavour was very subtle, maybe a bit to subtle. The mochi was again very mushy, but it works for the bubble waffle.

I got the Oreo bubble waffle. Like the matcha mochi bubble waffle, the Oreo flavour in this is very subtle. I ended up not finishing this because of a sugar overload.

Overall, my expectations for Bubble Queen was set too high. They have a large selections of drinks and bubble waffles, so it was quite hard deciding what to order. I might return to try other flavours of bubble waffles :p


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