Rice Burgers @ Marulilu Cafe

Marulilu is one of my favourite cafes to visit. I frequent Marulilu because of its convenient location and because of their diverse, delicious menu. Marulilu has a new addition to their menu: rice burgers! The only other time I’ve tried rice burgers was last year at the nightmarket, so I was curious about Marulilu’s version.

After our classes, M and I made our way to Marulilu to try their rice burgers.

They have two flavours: Sukiyaki or Buta Kimuchi. We got one of each flavour.

It comes with miso soup and salad. Pictured left is the Buta Kimuchi. It contains pork and kimchi and is sandwiched between two rice patties. I only took a bite of this, but I thought the kimchi flavour wasn’t very strong. Pictured right is the sukiyaki; it contains beef,mushrooms green onions and vermicelli. This was pretty good, the combination of the ingredients worked well together.

Verdict is the rice burgers weren’t mind blowing, but something worth trying!


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