New School Bag

I finally got a new school bag, even though school started two weeks ago haha. I usually don’t use backpacks for school, I prefer large totes or something similar. I finally found the perfect school bag for me yesterday when I went shopping at Metrotown.

Here is the bag I got:

It’s from Lululemon and it’s the Triumph tote. I tried searching for it online, but they don’t seem to have it on their website yet…

This bag is perfect for me because I carry A LOT of stuff on a daily basis. It has so many compartments and pockets, perhaps too many, to keep me organized.With my old bag, everything would get lost and I would be constantly digging through my bag just to find one item. I usually get bags with an adjustable shoulder strap because I like to carrying my bags cross body from time to time

Another feature I like about this bag is that it has a exterior zip pocket, which is suppose to be for a laptop. The sides have insulation to keep your laptop safe. This bag is tested to hold up to 50lbs, but I don’t think anyone should really be carrying that much. The hardware is quite durable and the stitching appears to hold up weight pretty well. I used this bag today when I went to the library to study and I brought:  my psychology textbook, bulky study guide, netbook, netbook charger, water bottle, and other stuff I always carry like my wallet. I weighed the bag and it weighed 15 lbs O_O. The bag held the contents without drooping and it actually didn’t seem that heavy while carrying it.

I also like how this bag is made out of nylon, so it is waterproof, perfect for rainy Vancouver weather.

This is a gym bag, so inside there is a compartment for sweaty clothes. A shoe bag is also provided, which I thought was quite neat. You can also use this for traveling because the front pockets include compartments for your passport, boarding pass and cellphone, which are conveniently labeled.


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