Eat! Fraser Valley: Food + Cooking Festival

Last Sunday, I dragged my dad to Abbotsford so we could go to Eat! Fraser Valley. Unfortunately Es S had work, so she was unable to come with us.

One of the main reasons for coming here was to see Chuck Hughes. He was at Eat! Vancouver two years ago and he was hilarious. Also helps that he’s easy on the eyes 😉

I made it just on time for his last show on Sunday. Chuck is very entertaining and kept the audience laughing the whole show.

I didn’t take that many pictures because I was feeling lazy, but here are some of the pictures I took:

These were very refreshing

Risotto balls, quina salad, and edamame salad. I didn’t get to try these but I wanted to

Here are some pictures from the chef competition:

My dad managed to get a sample of the ribs from the competition. It was a tad dry, but that’s to be expected because of the limited equipment.

And of course, bite of Fraser Valley. Like Eat! Vancouver, you purchases tickets in order to get food.

Rigatoni with Italian sausage. This was OK, good portion for the amount of tickets.

Cabbage roll from taste of Ukraine. This had ample amount of rice and beef filling. Overall, pretty tasty.

Jollof rice and chicken from Taste of Africa. Now this was one of the best dishes at bite of Fraser Valley. The sauce accompany the chicken was delicious, but the star of this dish is the rice. The women sitting beside us kept raving about this dish.

Cheesecake with raspberry sauce. This was really good! My dad said this is one of the better cheesecakes he’s had and I have to agree.

Chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis. I thought this was alright, I’m not really a fan of chocolate mousse but the raspberry coulis went nicely with the mousse.

I thought Eat! Fraser Valley was much better this year as opposed to last year. I remember last year there were only a few vendors at the bite of Fraser Valley section. With the addition of celebrity chefs such as Chuck Hughes and Rob Feenie, this years Eat! Fraser Valley was more worth visiting.


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