Olymel Chicken Krispy Toast Review

Hey everyone! I’ll be doing a review on Olymel Chicken Krispy Toast. I originally wasn’t going to buy this, but my brother wanted to try it and they were also having a $2 off Olymel product promotion at T&T, so we decided to give it a try.It has an  interesting concept; breaded and fully cooked chicken breast cutlettes shaped like a slice of toast, hence the name krispy toast. You heat it in the toaster and it can be eaten in a sandwich, salad or with your favourite dip.

The instruction tell you to toast in on high heat for 2 shots if it’s from the freezer and 1 shot if it is from the refrigerator.

I didn’t realize my toaster setting was set on medium, so my chicken wasn’t that crispy.

I ate it with salad because I’m not a big fan of sandwiches. I thought it tasted like any other frozen breaded chicken product. It wasn’t bad tasting, but it wasn’t delicious either. Nothing particularly special about it, except for the concept. But it is quite convenient, all you do is stick it in the toaster and it’s done. Would I purchase this again? Probably not because I didn’t find it that special.


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