Lunch at Whole Foods

I went to Whole Foods today for lunch after my psychology midterm. Whole Foods has a big selection of food; from a self serve hot food bar,salad bar, soups, sandwiches, pizzas, tacos, refrigerated ready to eat meals and the list goes on.

I decided to go for the hot food bar and here is what I got:

( From top going clockwise): Spring salad with roasted egg plant, mashed potatoes, roasted butternut squash, turkey with stuffing, mac and cheese, 2 pieces of falafel and scalloped potatoes.

It cost $2.19 per 100g for the hot food, so it can get pricey depending on how much food you get.

My favourites out of my lunch was the mashed potatoes and the roasted butternut squash, They were both tasty and cooked right. My least favourites were the turkey, scalloped potatoes and the falafel. The turkey and falafel was a bit dry, but that is to be expected since it’s not freshly prepared. The scalloped potatoes exhibited no potatoe taste, it had too much cream and cheese in it.

I like the hot food bar because you can try a bit of everything.

They also have a variety of desserts and baked goods

My favourite cookies are these snickerdoodles from Whole Foods

I love going to Whole Foods even though it is on the pricier side. They carry a lot of unique and delicious foods which keeps me coming back.


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