A Small Break From Studying

I will say Happy Halloween in advanced since I won’t be making a post tomorrow. I usually don’t dress up for Halloween, same goes for this year especially since I have a lot of studying to do.

Today I went out with my dad and brother for brunch at ABC Country Restaurant. We had the breakfast buffet, which is available on Sundays and Holidays.

Here’s what I ate:

For my first round I got waffles with strawberry sauce, hashbrowns and some salad.

For my second round, I got waffles with strawberry sauce again ( I love waffles!), salad, rice, sweet and sour meatballs, shepherd’s pie and some fruit.

I also got some bread pudding and carrot cake for dessert, but I forgot to take a picture of those. The food was alright, but I think it was a bit pricey at $17.95 for the selection of food you get. They did have other food such as roasted ham, but I didn’t get any because I’m not a big fan of ham.

After brunch we went to Brentwood mall to buy a treadmill at Sears. The treadmill we bought has some Google Map function which I’m not quite sure how it works, but I will find out soon.

Someone ( I won’t say who) bought this Parissa full body wax. It appears to be targeted towards men, even though it’s not stated on the packaging but its quite obvious haha.

I found the pictures on the side to be quite amusing. Shows pictures of all the body parts you can wax. I’m not quite sure why they have two chest pictures and is the 3rd picture suppose to mean you can wax your thighs? LOL

So I’m back to studying but I keep getting distracted!

Beefy Beef Noodle ( Main Street Location)

4063 Main Street, Vancouver BC                                                                               website/ online menu: click here

I purchased a couple of coupons from the red pocket for Beefy Beef Noodle so I decided to go there for lunch with my dad.

Beefy Beef serves up bubble tea along with Taiwanese food. They also have shaved ice and thick toast. It was quite busy when we arrived, so seating arrangements were a bit tight. It was quite akward sitting so close to the tables beside us, especially when they kept staring at me for taking pictures.

My dad got Preserved cabbage with pork and noodle in soup. I tried a sip of the broth and the dominant flavours were miso and mushroom.

For myself, I got the Crispy salty peppery chicken and noodle in soup. I really enjoyed this dish! I love how they serve the noodles used in Tawainese beef noodle soup as opposed to the yellow ones commonly served with chicken nuggets.

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Boring Week

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been studying all week and haven’t had time to blog. I have an essay for Monday and a midterm on Tuesday, so I’ll be studying all weekend 😦

I went to whole foods for lunch because I wanted something quick



I got food from the hot food bar and some salad. Picture makes it look bad but it was ok tasting.

So I’m back to studying. I’ll try to make a post about beefy beef noodles tomorrow.

Sushi Nanaimo: Sushi Pizza

I went here a few weeks back, just been too lazy to post it. I believe this place also use to be a Japanese restaurant, I can’t really remember. Sushi Nanaimo is a fairly new Japanese restaurant situated on Nanaimo and Hastings street. I was a bit skeptical at first about trying it, but RKO was told about a sushi pizza they had on their menu and wanted to try it.

This place is actually Japanese run… quite a rarity in Vancouver lol. We were warmly greeted by the staff in Japanese and it reminded me of how the staff at Guu greet you.

I started off with takoyaki. These were deep fried and served with the usual sauce, mayo and bonito flakes. I think they just use the frozen packaged takoyaki, but I don’t really mind because it was still decent.

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New Boots!

After trying on many boots, I finally found a pair that fit my wide calves! I discovered that I can bring a pair of leather boots to a cobbler to stretch, or I can try to stretch them out myself.

I know I said these boots didn’t fit my calves in my previous post, but I sized up 1/2 a size and they fit!

These are the Dolce Vita Mattey boots. These were purchased at Little Burgundy, and since I had an SPC card, I got 10% off 🙂

They are a bit snug around my calves, but I’m going to try to stretch them out a bit. If that doesn’t go well, then I’ll bring it to a cobbler to get them stretched.

After Class Shopping + Eats

I decided to go to Metrotown yesterday since I got off class at 10:30. I love how little people were at the mall when I was there. My main goal was to try on boots and I ended up purchasing a few things from Forever 21. Here’s what I got:

                                           Cropped Trench Jacket in navy

                                           This gold ring with flower design

                                                   This stud bracelet

Later on, Es S came over and we went to Little Bubble Tea house on First Avenue to get some takeout

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Bon Cafe

It was a rainy day in Vancouver ( so typical) and I was craving a bowl of pho before I did my sociology midterm. I settled for Bon Cafe since it was near by and it’s somewhere I’ve never tried.

Situated on Main and 33rd, Bon Cafe is a small Vietnamese restaurant that serves the usual pho, vermicelli and rice dishes along with banh mi and bubble tea.

I decided to go for Combo E which is one small beef noodle in soup and one sandwich ( banh mi).

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This Video Blew My Mind!

In sociology class, we watched a video titled ” The Ad and the ID: Sex, Death, and Subliminal Advertising”. This video is basically about ad’s within an Ad, and how companies subliminally advertise sex and death.This video also shows what most consumer’s don’t see in advertisements……like how a banana casts a shadow of a penis or faces that appear in ice cubes.

This is Part 1 and it starts at 1:13. The video starts off boring, but you can skip to around 8:00 and it starts to get to the point.

Here is Part 2

I hope you enjoy the video S 😀 What do you think about the video? It has definitely changed my way of viewing advertisements.

Finally the weekend

This week seemed really long for some reason. The weather has been pretty good these past days but I’ve been having troubles sleeping lately.

After class on Tuesday, Es S and I watched “Sisters and Brothers”, from the Vancouver International Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the last screening at the Vogue theater.The main reason I watched it because my love Cory Monteith is in it 😀

This movie was shot in Vancouver and in one of Cory’s scene they went to Pho Saigon ( which is somewhat close to my house). He was so close, yet so far lol 😦

On Friday,I met up with S to eat at Marulilu cafe and watch “what’s your number”

Chris Evans is so hot!

Here’s what I got from Marulilu:

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