Smokes & Bones Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hey guys! I’ve been really craving macarons for some odd reason… I will probably get some on Wednesday to reward myself after my sociology midterm. Anyways, here is a quick post about the delicious pulled pork sandwich I had:

After Eat! Fraser Valley, my father wanted to check out this BBQ thing happening in Langley. Sadly when we arrived, we were a bit too late since everyone was packing up and getting ready to leave.

Smokes & Bones was still open though and there was a line of people. They were sold out of beef brisket and only had pulled pork sandwiches available.

I’ve tried ribs and brisket at Smokes & Bones before, you can read the review here

Here it is, the pulled pork sandwich. It is served on a lightly toasted bun with coleslaw. Like their other bbq meats, this was very nice and tender. The sauce was tangy and complimented the pork very well. The bun worked well with the sandwich and so did the coleslaw. Overall, a very good sandwich! ( this is coming from a person that doesn’t  really like sandwiches)

On our way home, I saw this cute dog at the pack of a pickup truck 😛


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