Feeling Down..Clubhouse Sushi Lunch

I don’t know why I was feeling down today, perhaps it’s the drab weather? I actually don’t mind cloudy weather because it means I can wear layers. After class today, I wanted to try the okonomiyaki at Clubhouse Sushi, but it wasn’t opened until 12pm. So I decided to go my favourite cafe, Marulilu, and have a drink in the mean time.

Today’s drink special was white chocolate matcha latte so I got that. The white chocolate taste was quite faint, but still good non the less. You could still taste the matcha and a great drink for a cold day.

I read Lou Lou magazine and some newspapers to pass time…

So at 12pm, I made my way to Clubhouse Sushi. To my disappointment, they don’t serve okonomiyaki at lunch, only during dinner. So I settled for something else on their lunch menu.

I got chicken katsu curry on rice. I thought this was a bit expensive for $10.95… I should have got the bento boxes instead, it was the same price but included more things. I would have liked if the curry at least had some other ingredients in it.

That being said, it wasn’t a bad tasting chicken katsu curry. The chicken was cooked up perfectly and the curry exhibited a nice sweetness, but I felt I wasn’t satisfied.

It also took a long time for this to come out. The restaurant wasn’t that busy at the time and it irritated me when the man beside me got his food first, even though he came after me. Even though they screwed up the mans order and brought out the correct dish, his food was STILL faster than this.

Anyways, I will probably return for dinner another time because I still want to try their okonomiyaki. The servers were really nice though, so I guess that wait time is excusable.

I decided to walk to Main street after my lunch and took some pictures at false creek near Science World

Gloomy day… look at the clouds. But other than that, you can see the new BC place,


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