Thomas Haas (Broadway Location)

Like I said earlier in one of my post, I had a random craving for macarons. So M and I made our way to Thomas Haas after her class for some much needed sugar fix.

It was quite busy when we arrived. All the tables inside were occupied so we had to sit outside. They had heated lamps so it was all good.

They have a good selection of small and large cakes

They also have pastries, sandwiches and soups. They also have chocolates but I didn’t take a picture of those.

And the macarons, what we came here for!

I got the creme brulee. Instead of caramelized sugar on top, I think they used a passion fruit syrup instead. This was very smooth and creamy. You can see the vanilla bean specks throughout the desert.

M went to for Pulled pork sandwich. Served with coleslaw on pannini bread, this was nicely toasted and tasted great. The addition of horseradish worked really well with the pulled pork, and I also enjoyed how it tasted on the pannini bread.

And of course, the macarons! M and I shared half a dozen. I love the packaging of the macarons, the bow is very cute!

The flavours we got were: Pistachio, Vanilla, Coffee, Cassis, Mocha and Caramel.These macarons were good, without being overly sweet. I don’t remember which flavours were our favourites.. lol. I wanted to try the champagne flavour, but they were out that day 😦

Thomas Haas himself was there that day and he served us.My next destination for macarons is Thierry, which I will try sometime soon, hopefully.


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