I want new boots!

So I’ve finally decided to invest in a pair of leather boots. Well, my dad has agreed to buy it for me since I’m a unemployed student.. lol

Anyways, the problem I have is that I have big calves so it’s hard to find tall boots that actually fit. I’m also picky with boots, but I’m looking for something mid-calve or a pair of riding boots.

I heard Frye boots is a good option for those with bigger calves, but I have yet to try on a pair and they are priced on the higher side.

I tried on this pair of Mattey boots by Dolce Vita, but sadly they were a bit tight around the calve.

I also tried on these Ribbed Riding boots from Zara. Amazingly, they fit but I was wearing trousers that day so it looked sort of weird. I’ll probably try them on with jeans next time

I like these boots from Aldo. I’ll have to try them on to see if they fit

Surprisingly, I found a pair of tall boots from Forever 21 last year that fit my calves, but they are so dirty because of the suede material.

Anyone have suggestions on other brands of shoes that make boots that can accommodate my big calves? 🙂


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