Finally the weekend

This week seemed really long for some reason. The weather has been pretty good these past days but I’ve been having troubles sleeping lately.

After class on Tuesday, Es S and I watched “Sisters and Brothers”, from the Vancouver International Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the last screening at the Vogue theater.The main reason I watched it because my love Cory Monteith is in it 😀

This movie was shot in Vancouver and in one of Cory’s scene they went to Pho Saigon ( which is somewhat close to my house). He was so close, yet so far lol 😦

On Friday,I met up with S to eat at Marulilu cafe and watch “what’s your number”

Chris Evans is so hot!

Here’s what I got from Marulilu:

I started with a royal milk tea latte


And ordered the breakfast plate with waffles.

Decided to play with instagram since I don’t use my iPad that often. I want to watch 50/50 soon, hopefully next week M? Anyways, how was your week everyone?



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