Bon Cafe

It was a rainy day in Vancouver ( so typical) and I was craving a bowl of pho before I did my sociology midterm. I settled for Bon Cafe since it was near by and it’s somewhere I’ve never tried.

Situated on Main and 33rd, Bon Cafe is a small Vietnamese restaurant that serves the usual pho, vermicelli and rice dishes along with banh mi and bubble tea.

I decided to go for Combo E which is one smallĀ beef noodle in soup and one sandwich ( banh mi).

I went for the special pho. This was a good portion of pho for me but might be a tad small for others. The broth was not too salty and flavourful.

I also went for the special banh mi. Consisting of pate,cold cut meats, pickled daikon, carrots and cucumber, this was a good sandwich. The bread was warm and toasty and I enjoyed it.

Overall, pretty standard Vietnamese place. The combos is a good option if you want to try different items.


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