Sushi Nanaimo: Sushi Pizza

I went here a few weeks back, just been too lazy to post it. I believe this place also use to be a Japanese restaurant, I can’t really remember. Sushi Nanaimo is a fairly new Japanese restaurant situated on Nanaimo and Hastings street. I was a bit skeptical at first about trying it, but RKO was told about a sushi pizza they had on their menu and wanted to try it.

This place is actually Japanese run… quite a rarity in Vancouver lol. We were warmly greeted by the staff in Japanese and it reminded me of how the staff at Guu greet you.

I started off with takoyaki. These were deep fried and served with the usual sauce, mayo and bonito flakes. I think they just use the frozen packaged takoyaki, but I don’t really mind because it was still decent.

RKO got an order of salmon nigiri. I don’t remember what he said about these, but this was pretty good for the price.

Next came the sushi pizza. The “crust” is deep fried panko breaded rice and the toppings are spicy salmon, avocado and tobiko,drizzled with spicy mayo.

This was really good! Everything worked well and the rice crust held everything together. RKO said the spicy salmon was a bit too spicy for his liking, but I thought it was fine (probably because I like spicy foods). I definitely recommend this.

And last off, I ordered a vegetable yakisoba. It was on special that day and it came sizzling hot. Maybe a little too hot because the oil was splattering all over the place.A generous portion of yakisoba noodles with carrots, onions, cabbage and bean sprouts,albeit a bit oily for my liking. RKO ended up finishing the rest because I was too full already.

Sushi Nanaimo was a pleasant surprise. Good food and decent prices. I will definitely be returning, especially to try their spicy sashimi.

I rate Sushi Nanaimo 9/10

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3 thoughts on “Sushi Nanaimo: Sushi Pizza

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  2. Actually, i think they’re Korean run, not Japanese run. They speak Korean, and have Korean names….I’m just assuming they’re Korean run.

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