Random post

Did my sociology midterm today, which means I’m free.. for now haha. I also made chilli for lunch today, I’m going to make a post on that soon.

Lately I’ve been really loving theses Banana Slims

I first tried them when I was given a free sample at the Canada line. I later discovered my mom’s workplace sells them, so I tell her to bring some back for me.

It tastes like banana bread, but with a crispy texture. The package contains 3 thin slices of the crackers and are 100 calories per pack. Great as a snack,for dipping and great as a base for adding ingredients on top.

The weather has been pretty cold lately in Vancouver and I’m staring to get sick 😦 Anyways I just wanted to make this random short post because I had a night class today and I’m exhausted.


3 thoughts on “Random post

  1. OMG where did you get the banana slims?!
    I got a free sample during the Playoffs and have been looking for them since!
    I recall seeing them in a vending machine at SFU but never saw them again 😦

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