Another Week Down

Yesterday I went shopping with M in downtown and we also stopped by Osa Tako Hero food cart for some takoyaki

After, I went to my uncles house for his birthday dinner. Here’s a picture of adorable Yuki wearing her banana split Halloween costume 😀

Here is my uncle and aunt’s birthday cakes from St. Germain. The one on the left is a mango mousse cake and the one on the right is a tiramisu cake. Both were pretty good.

Today after class, I went to my long awaited dermatologist appointment. I’ve beenpatiently waiting 4 months to see a dermatologist. Good news is that I can finally get my bad skin treated, bad new is that I have rosacea, which can only be treated with laser.

After my appointment, Es S and I went to La Taqueria on Cambie. The guy working there was very cute and kept saying “perfecto” to Es S’ pronunciation LOL


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