AYCE @ Ji Sushi

457 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC

I went to Ji sushi not expecting much. Es S and I went for their $9.95 All You Can Eat during happy hour, which is from 3-5pm. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting much because it was cheap. Es S and I came here after we went to La Taqueria, so we weren’t as hungry.

Green salad, ebi sunomono and fried scallops arrived to our table first. Everything tasted pretty standard, the scallops were imitation scallops and topped with ketchup I believe.

Next to arrive was the tonkatsu & chicken katsu ( forgot to take a picture). Like the scallops, it was topped off with ketchup…  never seen that before. Ketchup aside, the tonkatsu and chicken katsu weren’t that bad, it was not overcooked nor dry.

The vegetable tempura was too heavily battered but tasted ok. The gyoza was also decent, nothing mind blowing.

Last to arrive was salmon, tuna and kappa maki, salmon and tuna nigiri, tuna and spicy tuna cone. I actually enjoyed the spicy tuna cone but Es S found bones in her tuna nigiri… Everything else was mediocre, Es S noted that she made better sushi at school.

Overall, the food wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t that great either. Happy hour AYCE is cheap, so if you’re hungry it might be a good place to eat.



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