Short Week

I had a 3 day week this week because I have no classes on Thursday and because it is Remembrance day today, there is no school.

Today was a very lazy and unproductive day. I didn’t feel like going out so I just stayed home to watch TV and clean my room.

Even though I didn’t have any classes yesterday, I had to go back to school because I signed up to participate in a experiment for psychology. Before I went to school, I decided to go to Beefy Beef Noodle to eat some lunch

I got my usual crispy salty peppery chicken with noodles.

After I decided to go to Front and Co to kill some time

They always have the most creative window displays! I really liked this one.

I love the jewelry sold at Front and Co, so pretty and unique.

They were selling these pretty umbrella’s, I love the colours and how feminine they are.

Here are some stuff I got from last weekend

I got these Groove booties from Winners. They have a chunky heel so they are pretty comfortable to walk in.

This picture frame from Winners. You open the picture frame like a window and pin photos to it. I like the background and decided to put my Polaroid’s inside

This stripped sweater from Joe Fresh.

This cardigan from H&M, which I’m really loving.


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