La Taqueria ( Cambie Location)

2549 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z3Y6
I noticed a while back that a new La Taqueria had opened up on Cambie Street. I’ve never been to the one on Hastings even though I’ve passed by it numerous times. I finally went to the Cambie location with Es S to try some tasty tacos.To be honest, it took me so long to try it because I wanted to go with Es S so she could order the tacos ( she took Spanish in high school) :$. I didn’t want to embarrass myself with my horrible Spanish ( which I never learned). LOL the cute guy working there kept going ” perfecto” to Es S’ pronunciation, good thing I didn’t order or he would have probably laughed at my pronunciation.
Meat tacos are $2.50 each or 4 for $9.50. Veggie tacos are $2 each or 4 for $7.
Es S and I went for 4 meat tacos:
( from top going clockwise): carnitaspork confit with pickled red onions, De Lenguabraised beef tongue, Tinga De Pollochicken with chorizo in a chipotle tomato sauce, topped with mexican cheese + sour cream and Asadagrilled ‘AAA’ flank beef
We also added some hot sauce from their assortment of hot sauces. Es S and I were satisfied with all the tacos, they were flavourful and the meat was not tough or dry. My favourite would be the Tinga De Pollo because had a nice spiciness to it and the sour cream balanced it out well.
I rate La Taqueria 8/10. Definitely recommend!
La Taqueria Taco Shop

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