November Went By Fast

November has gone by fairly quickly, soon it will be my favourite holiday, Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, I should start thinking about present shopping, but I always leave that to the last minute haha. All pictures on this post is taken with my new iPhone.

Today M and I went to see The Ides of March. Before that, we went to Fresh Bowl for lunch. We shared 2 dishes but here’s a picture of the Mee Goreng.

M and I also took advantage of Starbuck’s buy one get one free drink deal. I got a Caramel Brulee Latte ( with no whip). I honestly don’t taste anything special about this, it just reminded of me of a caramel machiatto.

My purchase for today: Make Up For Every 5 camouflage cream palette. I hope this works well, I mainly bought it for the green concealer to conceal the redness on my cheeks.

I also bought a case for my phone, but it’s boring so I won’t post that.

On a side note, I’ve been informed that my cousin R is cooking dinner for her family. The menu is quite ambitious! GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY COOKING! 😀


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