Clubhouse Sushi

Finally, I get a chance to try Clubhouse Sushi’s okonomiyaki! I’ve been wanting to try their okonomiyaki for some time now, but because it’s only available dinner time, I never find the chance to. This time I went with M, and we went right when it opened for dinner at 5pm

We were greeted and promptly seated. Our server was very nice and attentive throughout our meal.

We started off with one of the sushi’s on their daily specials, avocado and tempura tuna roll. This was really good, the combination of ripe avocado and tempura tuna went well together. M said the tuna tasted like chicken, guess that why they call it chicken of the sea eh 😛

Next came the octopus calamari. These were served with a side of mayo and were good; crispy and not too oily but a tad salty. I wish there was more though, there wasn’t a lot in one serving.

The last item to arrive was the chicken okonomiyaki ( large size). We were asked if we wanted bonito flakes and we said yes. This was quite soft, it broke apart really easily, especially when we were trying to get it onto our plate. The bottom was also a bit burnt, but flavour wise it was good. It wasn’t too doughy and had ample amount of veggies in it.

Overall, I would come back for during dinner time because of the greater selection. I want to try more items on their menu, so I will probably be returning for another visit. I rate Clubhouse Sushi 7.5/10

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