Semester Is Almost Over…

The fall semester is almost over, only 4 days left of classes, which means… the dreaded finals. I haven’t been doing much this week, all I wanted to do was stay home. I only went out yesterday with Es S to eat lunch in downtown. There were so many people at the mall, guess every is starting their Christmas shopping.

I’ve been too lazy to carry around my camera to take pictures, so I just use my iPhone camera. I should really use my camera more since I recently got a new lens, would be a waste of money if I didn’t use it often.

Today I was originally going to cook lunch, but there was nothing to cook! There were veggies, but being the carnivore I am, I really wanted to eat some meat ( chicken to be more specific).

So I got a lemon grass chicken with shredded pork and meat cake from Song Huong because it’s the closet restaurant to my house. I ordered this last time and thought it was pretty good so I ordered it again.

Yesterday after class, Es S and I went to Salam Bombay for some Indian cuisine because she was craving it.

It was a lunch buffet so I got a bit of everything. I thought the food was alright, but I was really hungry that time so that might have made the food seem tastier.

I also got these Almos Boots off Aldo’s website. They were having a 30% off sale for black Friday so these were just under $60 after tax. I’ve been wanting these for a long time, but I didn’t want to pay $100 for them, good thing I waited!

I’ve been eating these mini Toblerone’s while studying. Gives me a boost while reading the long and tedious two chapters in psych.

I haven’t been in a mood to shop lately, which I guess is a good thing since it means I don’t spend money. Registration for spring semester was on Thursday and I got all the courses I wanted, which makes me happy 🙂


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