Don’t Be a Chicken!

Yesterday I went to West 4th with M because she wanted to get shoes from Gravity Pope, unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Before we went to Gravity Pope, we went to Joe’s Grill for brunch

I got the waffle combo. It comes with two waffles, two eggs, two bacon, two sausages and fruit. Good thing we went early because it got really busy.

We were a bit early and Gravity Pope wasn’t open yet, so we went into this shop a few doors down

They had a lot of cute stuff, like these mustache erasers.

There was also this… LOL! M’s finger is covering it, but it says ” Don’t be a chicken” on the top right corner. M ended getting this for someone as part of their Christmas gift.

We also went downtown and I bought some things, but the picture’s aren’t working so I’ll have to take pictures of it again and post it later.On a side note, I’ve been loving instagram even more because of camera on the iPhone.

Yea, so I’ll probably be doing short posts for the upcoming 2 weeks since I have finals coming up.


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