Another day at the library

Even though I had no classes today I had to go to school at 9:30am to hand in an essay. I decided to go to the library to study, but it was still early so I decided to do some shopping.

I got these 2 blouses from The Bay:

Vera Moda blouse. It was $49 minus 30%

dex blouse, on sale for $27.99. I bought this blouse in a navy colour last time and liked it so much I decided to get a black one.

I also got Starbucks

Tested out the Starbucks iPhone app and got an earl grey tea latte.

For lunch I decided to go to the food court in H-Mart

Got my favourite bi bim bap or assorted vegetable with ground beef on rice served in a stone pot. It came with kimchi and a light soup.

That is about it. I also bought a Nars sheer matte foundation from Sephora but I might exchange it for the sheer glow foundation.


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