Coner 23 Dinner + WTF Moment

I’ve been eating out way too much this past week, I can’t help it because I’m barely home and I haven’t gone grocery shopping, which means there is nothing to cook.

After another studying session, M and I went to Corner 23 for an early dinner. Here is what we got:

I was craving deep fried chicken nuggets, so I ordered it 😛 I like the chicken nuggets at Beefy Beef Noodle better.

M got a kimchi fried rice. This was not bad.

We shared an egg pancake with oyster. This was a fail dish; the pancake itself was doughy and undercooked. The texture was very glutinous and unappealing. On the bright side, there were big pieces of oysters and the sauce was quite nice.

So now to the WTF moment…

As I was busing home from the library, I got a call from my dad telling me he was able pick me up. So I got off the next bus stop, which so happens to be Cordova and Main Street. For those of you not living in Vancouver, this is an area were all the druggies are. My dad was waiting for me at Main skytrain station, so I had to take another bus up there. As I was waiting for the bus, this girl roller blading almost crashes into this couple. This couple was obviously on drugs and started making a big scene. The bus comes and I, along with the drugged up couple, get onto the bus. LUCKY me (not), the drugged up couple decides to sit across from me,which they proceed to make out. It wasn’t just kisses and pecks, they were literally licking each others faces and making out really hard. Not only were they making out, they started talking dirty! At this point, I was REALLY grossed out. To make things worst, the girl started asking her boyfriend if he wanted to have sex… ugh.It definitely wasn’t a pleasant sight and it looked like a steamy make out scene from a movie, minus the eye appealing actor and actress.

So that is my WTF moment for today. One final down, only two more to go and I’m free!!


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