Bakers Market

After first discovering about the Bakers Market, I knew I had to go! I love desserts and sweets! M and I went to the Bakers Market last Saturday after wanting to go for a while.The last day for the Bakers Market is December 10th and I’m planing on going back πŸ˜›

Here are some pictures from the market:

Whoopie pies: chocolate, vanilla and pumpkin flavour.

Macarons from Kawaii eats.

Angry Birds cupcakes. These are so cute!

There was a stall selling these cute food shaped jewelry.

Triple Peanut Bacon-Chip Cookies and Raspberry Lemonade Cookies.

Butter Tarts.

Here are the treats M and I got:

Green tea macaron with white chocolate yuzu ganache, Nutella macaron, and sesame macaron.

Red velvet cupcakes ( my favourite!)

More macarons: Earl Grey tea,Salted Caramel and Raspberry flavour. These are from French Made Baking.

Cinnamon espresso snicker doodles.

Maple Bacon Scones. These were very good! I am not a fan of sweet and salty foods but this was delicious.

M got these hamburger earrings for someones Christmas present.

Almond nougat.

We also got pumpkin cake slice and M got a pumpkin woopie pie but I forgot to take pictures of those.

So that is M and I’s dessert haul.I am excited to go back one last time before it closes πŸ™‚



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